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Abdominoplasty Procedure

This procedure is also called a Tummy Tuck. It is designed to remove extra fat and loose skin that tend to accumulate in the lower belly. Previous scars resulting from abdominal surgery or stretch marks after giving birth can also be treated this way. This operation can be useful for people after dramatic weight reduction, which can leave your skin loose, resembling an accordion. It is important to understand that this operation is not a substitute for diet and exercise. If there is also extra fat in the abdominal wall this operation can be combined with a liposuction, but it is advisable to wait 6 month between the two. This operation can also be preformed with breast augmentation; the implants can be inserted through the cut made in the abdomen, so additional surgery can be avoided.

During the surgery a longitudinal incision (20-30c"m long) in a shape of an arch is made just above the pubic hair. Through the incision the surgeon separates the skin and fat from the muscles, stitches them together in order to stretch the tummy and removes the extra fat and skin. The umbilicus is detached from the skin and returns to its new position after the stretch.

It is not wise to undergo the operation during the reproductive years because every delivery can loose your tummy and make it look fallen again.

After the surgery you`ll have two scars, a longitudinal scar at the lower abdomen and a round scar around the belly button. The scars tend to fade away with time, but you should remember that the size and color of the scars couldn`t be predicted.

The most common complication of the procedure is haematoma under the skin, which may need surgical drainage. Other complications such as infection and difficult healing are rare.

You will be discharged from the clinic one day after the surgery; you may fell pain in the scar area, which can be treated with painkillers, the bandages and a drainage tubes will be removed one day after the surgery. Most of the patients return to their daily activities after two weeks but exercise is not allowed for two month. During the surgery small nerves are injured, therefore you may fell numbness in your tummy, they usually recover after a couple of month. Swelling is normal during the initial period following the surgery. It takes about two month before the swelling completely disappears.

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What are the Procedures?
Tummy tuck operations in New Jersey(NJ) vary in scope and are frequently subdivided into categories. Depending on the extent of the surgery, a complete Tummy tuck can take 1 to 5 hours. A partial abdominoplasty (Mini-Tuck Tummy tuck) can be completed between 1 to 2 hours. Recovery also varies depending on which tummy tuck was done.

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