Why not Spanish? ImmersiveMedical.com has just opened their Plastic Surgery Portal to the Spanish community. Hola!

Limassol, Cyprus- Sept. 2009 – For the past few months, the "ImmersiveMedical – Your Plastic Surgery & health Portal" team has been working on translating its portal into Spanish and opening its doors to the Spanish speaking community.

If you are a Spanish speaker and would like to find information about  plastic surgery or to locate a plastic surgeon in your area, you will probably notice that not many websites combine all of this information for you in one place. Starting Sept ‘09 - Immersivemedical has created this exact place for you. From Breast Augmentation to Liposuction, you can find all of the necessary information in this website, including who is the ideal candidate? What are the risks of each procedure? What should you ask the surgeon? And more.

Adding the Spanish ImmersiveMedical Portal is an opportunity for both the surgeons and the patients to interact in one place, in their own spoken language. As Spanish is the third most-spoken language in the world and the first language for many people in the United States (especially in California, Texas, South Florida, etc.) – the importance of having a medical one-stop shop for information in the Spanish language is more than crucial.

"There is no doubt that translating the portal for the Spanish speaking community is a good and necessary step” said the CEO of ImmersiveMedical. “We believe that opening our doors to the Spanish language will create new opportunities for Plastic Surgery clinics for good targeted advertising services and will help enrich the plastic surgery knowledge base world-wide".