Plastic Surgeons and Search Engines

Whether you are a plastic surgeon with several years of experience or you are just getting started – finding new patients or potential patients (Leads) is mainly a matter of marketing. Like all other commercial ventures and business opportunities, plastic surgeons had also been forced to utilize the advantages offered by the widespread usage of the Internet. Whether it's good old fashion banner advertising, directories advertising or paid search results campaign (SEM – Search Engines Marketing) – the internet can give the advertiser all of this and more. But how should you choose your advertising channels?

Well, the term "Long Tail" can help us understand how to choose the right website for advertising. In simple words Long Tail is accounted for very accurate and long searches with a low search volume but with the highest conversion rate.
That means that the more accurate the user's search will be – the more he is ready to buy the product or do a necessary act (or in our case – to have a surgery). For example if a woman is searching for "Face Lift" – that probably means she wants to find out about this specific procedure, its risks, its success rate etc. and then to re-evaluate her wishes and ability to have this procedure. But – if a woman will search for "Face Lift in Florida" that probably means that she has already read about the procedure, and she is ready for it – she is just looking for the right surgeon in her living area or desirable destination.

So how does knowing this can help you decide on a good website to advertise on?
The answer is very simple – if a 'procedure + location' based search can give a surgeon a better opportunity to convert the searching user into a patient than just a regular 'procedure' based search – he should aim to advertise on those websites that are appearing first on the search engines when searching for 'a procedure + a location'. A powerful website that is ranked high by the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN would be needed for a good business promotion and can give you the right results you need as a surgeon.