Plastic Surgery Planning Guide


  1. Research - find available information about the procedure(s) you about to have. Make sure you know the benefits and the RISKS. Talk with Patients who had this procedure. Explore the average costs of this procedure. 

  2. Set Your Expectations consult about the expected benefits and risks in your case. know the influencing factors of your medical history.  Understand side effects and expected recovery time.

  3. Get Second Opinion - Always, never relay on single source for medical recommendation regarding your health or planned surgery.

  4. Choose Your Surgeon - Get background information, Qualification, experience. Get information from former patients. Ask questions regarding your specific planned procedure.

  5. Insurance Coverage Read your policy, find out what is covered by your insurance company in your agreement. 


Questions To Ask

When Choosing a Surgeon

  • What type of board certification you hold and how long have you been certified?

  • How many of my procedure do you perform per year?

  • What surgical facility will be used, by who it was accredited?

  • What is the most common complication your patients experience?

  • What is your rate of complications and is your rate of re operations?

  • What are all the costs involved in taking this procedures, what is not covered?

Ask your Surgeon

  • What is the expected results of the procedure I'm about to have?

  • How long the procedure is expected to take?

  • What are the risks involved with my procedure?

  • Do I need to take time off work? for how long?

  • How long is the expected recovery time in my case?

  • What kind of help will I need during my recovery?