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This surgical procedure is also called gluteoplasty. It is designed to reshape the size of your buttocks and create more firm and aesthetic appearance. The buttock area is not easily changed by weight reduction or exercise, therefore you may consider this operation to improve the look of your buttock. In general, every person wishing to undergo the operation, and is in a good physical condition, can do so.

Buttock augmentation is achieved using fat. The idea is to remove fat from a part in your body and inject in into your buttocks. The great advantage of such technique is the fact that there hsould be no rejection, since the tissue used is taken from your own body. In addition, this method can make your buttock look very natural. The fat is usually taken from areas of the body which have extra fat, like the flank area, the thigh and the upper and lower buttock. The extra fat, which is removed from the above mentioned areas, can further reshape the buttock, making it look like you've been through a butt lift. After the fat is removed it undergoes some special processing and then injected to your buttocks, using a special cannula, which has a very small diameter therefore leaving minimal scars. The big challenge of the fat grafting is to cause the graft to survive in its new place. This can be achieved by injecting small amount of fat each time into different layers, above and below the butt muscles. Under such way, better blood supply is accomplished and irregularities of the surface are minimized. The survival of graft is unpredictable, some of the fat is absorbed, causing you losing the augmentation effect. It is generally believed that whatever is left after 3 months usually stays permanently.

Usually, after the procedure the buttock area does not hurt, where the pain is generally coming from the incisions made in the donor area. Those incisions are also very small, the same ones used for liposuction.

Every procedure has its risks, the risks for this one is minimal. The main risk of the procedure is fat absorption, occurring with approximately one-third of the patients. Bleeding, infection and scarring are rare.

You'll be able to go back to work after 3-5 days, however, you'll have to wear special garments for 3-4 weeks. It may take up to one month until you feel normal, some swelling may appear, which will usually disappear after a couple of months.

Plastic Surgery Your Procedure Procedure Animation

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