Dental Implants

What is Dental Implants?


Dental implants are artificial tooth-roots used to substitutedamaged or missing teeth made from different materials such as Titanium thatlook and function like a regular teeth. Dental implants are fused with your bone making them secure andpermanent.


Dental Implants- Why should one go for it?


Over a period of time we might lose some of our teeth due to agum disease, tooth decay or injury. Anyone who has lost a tooth knows how badit affects speech, eating, appearance and comfort. With dental implants youwould no longer have to worry about your ill fitting dentures and mostimportantly your self esteem.


Dental Implants- The procedure


The initial step for dental implants is an evaluation done byan implantologist to determine suitability of implant site and bone condition.Dental implants are placed upon the approval of the implantologist. Bonegrafting will be performed depending on the current bone situation. On thesecond visit after the bone has completely healed, dental crowns and bridgesare then placed and fitted onto the implant post.


Dental Implants- Benefits


Dental Implants are very like our own teeth and may last alife-time if you take good care of them. It looks and functions like a regularteeth which gives you back your old smile to make you feel younger and better.


Dental Implants- Side effects


The possible risks and side effects of Dental Implant surgerywould be the same as the other minimally invasive surgery such as pain,bruising, swelling, infection, implant failure, nerve or tissue damage whichmay subside after a few weeks.


Dental Implants- Costs


In Australia as an example, the average cost of dental implantsrange from $5500-$6500, while in Thailand it costs around $2,000-$3,000depending on the type of materials used.

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